Employee owned, partnership driven.

The story behind Tullis Russell is what makes us different and, we believe, better. We are a progressive, independent company over 200 years old, trusted by generations of customers, brands and suppliers across the world. We operate a sustainable, employee owned business, which at its heart has a deeply held belief that working in partnership with our customers is better - for us, and for you.

A trusted partner for your business

As employee owners we take pride in what we do.  We believe in what we're doing and how we're doing it. Our values drive our behaviour so you can trust us to do the right thing for the right reasons, not simply to suit shareholders or achieve short-term gain.

Count on us to try harder.

When you work with us we believe you'll see that our people try harder to deliver exceptional products and service because that's what partnership is all about. We're committed for the long term and we don't want to let you down.

We understand your business.

Our people are different. They are uniquely motivated to stay with us for longer, becoming trusted experts on our business and also on yours. We focus on building long-standing relationships and working in a collaborative way to deliver great results for our customers.

"All the people you talk to at Tullis Russell are part of the company. The feeling you get from the people is very important. When you speak to a bigger company you don't get the same service."

- Tullis Russell customer for over 10 years

Rely on us for the long term

With over 200 years of history behind us our sights are fixed on the next 200 years and beyond. Our ownership structure lets us take a long-term view without the short-term pressures often imposed by external shareholders. Which is reassuring for our customers, suppliers and employees. It means we can plan for the future, think beyond our own business and consider our wider responsibilities, allowing us to take on projects such as our Tullis Russell Environmental Education Centre (TREE) and our Biomass project, which will reduce our carbon emissions by 72% once fully operational in 2013.


Expect quicker decisions.

When you deal with any of us, you're speaking to an owner of the company. That means you benefit from quicker decisions because we're appropriately empowered to come up with solutions and know our business inside out.

Solutions through innovation

Working in partnership to find solutions comes naturally to us. We are motivated to overcome challenges and our flexible, personal approach means we can innovate and experiment to provide real solutions.